Panty Smothering

facesitting panties

I love panty smothering my men, I could sit all day on a submissive guys face. The sensual feeling of his heavy breathing really turns me on as he sniffs at my worn panties. Doing this in the evening is much more fun. My panties are always a little smellier later in the day, not that I am a dirty person but I do get rather horny and I do juice up my panties as the day progresses.

I also enjoy the tease, I like to hover just out of distance for a few minutes before lowering myself into his face. To being with I try to stay just far enough away so that only the faintest of smells reaches his nostrils. I also watching that bulge in his trousers grow as he waits in anticipation to pleasure me through my panties with his face.


During this particular session I sat on his face much longer than I normally do, his nose pressing into the crack of my ass and his mouth breathing heavily against my clitoris through my black printed panties. I always wear full back panties when enjoying face smothering my men, I want them to breathe in and smell as much of my panties as they can.

You might be wondering what my man gets out of it apart from a moist face and the knowledge that he has been sniffing my sweet pussy aroma through the cotton gusset? Well I do sometimes allow him to wank off into my panties at the end of the evening but only if I have cum in them and I do like to see him lick the crust.

4 thoughts on “Panty Smothering

  1. admin Post author

    Paul would you promise to eat my pussy through my panties and carry on sucking no matter how wet they got?

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  3. Aleksey

    One of my biggest fantasies. I would die and go to heaven if you did that to me. Would spend day and night enjoying your sweet panties and juices


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