Sniffing Dirty Panties


What do you prefer when inhaling the intoxicating scent of a woman through her panties, the sweet smell of the vagina or the musky scent of her sweaty ass? This dominant brunette allowed her man to sample both as she first squatted that large round panty covered ass into his face before turning around and giving him a smell of her pussy through her panties.


Her man had to remain fully clothed through the whole episode, this was a punishment for him after she arrived home and caught him masturbating over her favourite pair of panties. I doubt very much that he felt it was a punishment, I would imagine more a dream come true. These yellow polka dot panties were ones that she had been wearing all day to work so you can imagine how delightful they would have smelt.

The only downside for the guy under this smothering act was that he was unable to relieve himself while the facesitting took place. It was all one way traffic in that department as she started to grind her grind into his face saturating those panties with her own love juice. Imagine that as a punishment, breathing in and smelling her sexual release as it happened, please punish me now!!

11 thoughts on “Sniffing Dirty Panties

  1. dori64

    my ex and are still bet friends, even though the sex isn’t what it once was. last week, as he was sorting laundry, i saw him sniffing the crotch of my undies. it shocked me , but i was not upset. as i thought about more it turned me on, alot!! . now everytime i play with myself, i think about him smelling me, and it is wonderful!!!!!dori64

  2. admin Post author

    My hubby often smells my panties, he loves the smell of my pussy. I have offered to wank him while he sniffs them and although we started this once we both got carried away and I just had to stop and get him to fuck me sex that night was amazing

  3. xdresser66

    I ask my girlfriend to have her panties for the first time. She took them off and handed me them. I immediately opened the panties and put them to my nose where I breathed in. The smell was sensational as I soon felt her lips around my erect cock. To have her suck me off whilst sniffing her panties was bliss. I managed to slide my fingers into her saturated vagina and soon had her groaning and going harder and faster on my cock. Suddenly she let go and covered my fingers in her juices as I groaned panting hard sucking in her smell as I exsploded filling her mouth with cum. I licked my fingers clean as we relaxed back in the car getting our breath back.

  4. shane

    everytime i go to my brothers house i smell my brothers daughters soiled pantys,its like she leaves them on the floor for me, it takes everything i got not to cum in them,between the smell of her pussy and her asshole marks,damn she drives me nuts,shes my step brothers daughter so she not really blood related,what i would do to lick her clean damn it man!!!!! i love to taste her crotch of her pantys,,,,, thanks sweetheart
    any babes wanna send me some pics feel free sub,panty pics

  5. prickrick

    I love panties to sniff.I go to wall mart to buy every thing to jack off in.Pantie hoses’silk panties’ anything that feels good stroaking.I spent 65 dollars for worn panties and hoses they didnt wear.But my girl said i will keep you going and sniffing and cumming but get rid of the bag of differant thousands of shots of cum.In 20 panties 20 hoses and bras. I cant wait for the in cummmmmmin.

  6. prickrick

    Another thing i see why a dog goes for a leg. Im hummper and i love meaty calves and shakey thighs when im hummping. I will lick both your legs up when im done.And dont stop me your legs are mine.

  7. luvsweaty69

    silk thongs are the best after a workout her ass sweat stays on the string then her discharge is very heavy in smell and taste i have a pair hit me up for pics lets share anyone?

  8. loverboy

    i always ask my girlfriend to leave her worn dirty panties for me whenever she comes at my place, i use to smell the crotch every time she is not near me feeling her divine pussy scent and addictive ass smell. It makes me so hard and i have a nice time stroking

  9. Phil

    I love to sniff my wifes dirty panties especially when she’s had pantyhose on there always warm damp and stained but would really love to see other men sniffing her panties that would be the ultimate turn on when I’m sniffing her panties I always imagine her panties in another man’s hand’s been sniffed


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