Sniffing My Aunties Panties

Let me introduce myself, I am 19 I have had sexual partners and I have a serious fetish for smelling used panties. There simply is no greater thrill than when you first place the soft cotton gusset of a warm pair of panties against your nose. The silky soft feeling from the cotton resting against your lips as you breathe in the aroma of a females scent, it gets me off every time. I live at home with my mum who is divorced and no matter where I go or who we go to visit my eyes stay peeled for where the laundry basket is.

If you are into sniffing panties then you will know that there is one type of aroma that really floats your boat. You might find it now and again from sniffing different women’s panties and it is an aroma that can send your cock into an amazing erection in just a couple of seconds. Nearly all worn panties smell great but some women give off a certain scent that you long to find over and over again, luckily for me my mom’s younger sister (38) has the exact scent I long for and lucky for me we get to visit her at least once a week.


Now I want to share my story with you, it started a couple of weeks back when I was told that my aunty was seeking a divorce and that she would be staying at our house for a while, just me, my mum and my aunty, I was going to be in panty heaven. When my aunty arrived she was much calmer than I expected, I guess I thought she might be a blubbering mess but in fact she was quite the opposite, I guess it was her who was seeking the divorce and her who had fell out of love.

My mom works shifts and on this particular evening she was out all evening, I had just finished my dinner and I decided to watch some TV so I plonked myself down on the sofa. My aunty entered the room and sat down next to me wrapping one arm around my shoulder and asking if she could have a hug from her favourite nephew, the fact that I was her only nephew mattered not.

I kind of leant against her with my hands in my lap as I was unsure where to place them. Looking down I couldn’t help notice that her skirt had ridden quite high to her mid thigh level and of course, my mind started wandering into all kinds of dirty thoughts, maybe it was a good job that my hands were in my lap as I would hate for her to see my growing bulge. Then the moment came that I shall remember for the rest of my life.

As I released a nervous yawn my aunty asked me if I was tired, she asked if I would like to lay my head down for a rest, “here you go” she said patting her lap. I did not need a second invite, swinging my legs round on to the sofa I positioned the side of my face down into her lap facing the TV. Immediately I could smell a musky scent emanating from under her skirt, it felt like I was in heaven, but now what, was this just an aunty showing affection or was it an invite to go a step further?


In a “getting myself comfy” type of way I placed a hand on her knee, in doing so I noticed that her leg twitched about an inch further apart. I left it for a few seconds increasing my breathing in an attempt to pretend I had dosed off, the plan was to fidget around in a state of sleep and see how much further up her legs I could take my hand. I broke it down into three different attempts before finally going for the BIG one… placing my hand high into her groin as if to cushion my face. It worked; the tips of my fingers were just high enough to feel the elastic of her panties.

All along my aunty knew I was awake, she knew I was faking my state of sleep but at least if she rejected my moves we would both have an excuse without the risk of embarrassment. Slowly and gently she eased her skirt up, tugging it out from under my face until my skin was resting against her cotton panties, the only problem; I was facing the wrong way. I decided to go for it and I turned around to face her groin.


As I did her legs parted leaving my nose and mouth pressing against her swollen vulva, the pretence was over, we both knew what was going to happen next. I pressed my face deeper into her groin, my nose filled with that intoxicating scent that I had smelt so many times before only this time I was taken it from a warm pair of panties that were pressing tight against my aunties pussy.


2 thoughts on “Sniffing My Aunties Panties

  1. lucas

    When I was 14.I have never heard or read about sniffing/licking siblings wet panties.That was the period when most of teens jack their cocks and cum 3/4 times daily and the period when we start to peep at our sisters/aunts,or sisters friends.One day when I was in the bathroom jacking my cock with much pleasure,I saw 2 black satin panties of two elder sisters and I automatically took one and smell the place where the pussy had rubbed.One was plenty of pussy white moisture.About the size,I could deduct it belonged to my sister Sue,aged 25.I put it near my nose and my God,the smell of her cum ,mixed with her piss was something incredibly exciting,,in 2 minutes my cock spurted 6/7 jets of cum.I am now 28 and I can say that since then,I have sniffed around 150 of the women I mentioned before.One of my sister Melanie, and one of my aunts Amber,told me one day,when I was 22 if I have had a good time with their panties.I was ashamed BUT shocked when they told me that they knew what I did with their panties and that excited them a lot.These are the two siblings I have been able to fuck and still fuck them.


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