A Married Man’s Fetish Story

I am married and I have a fetish for smelling ladies worn panties. If I am around a friends or relatives I always ask to use the bathroom and I am in my element if I find a wash basket with a pair of dirty panties inside. I don’t care what the owner looks like, I close my eyes and use my imagination as I inhale the scent. Sometimes the aroma disappoints me, other times I believe it is the best pair I have ever smelled.

I wanted to develop my panty sniffing fetish further, I wanted to sniff a pair that were still being worn at the end of a long day. I occasionally (through a little horse play) get close to doing this with my wife but only for a few seconds, I wanted to experience the sensation of what it would be like to be the guy in this image.

facesitting panties

Don’t get me wrong, I do have a great sex life with my wife but she would not approve of nor understand my panty sniffing habit. Finding a female who would be willing to let me sniff her panties while still wearing them wasn’t something you can openly advertise for, it wasn’t the kind of thing you could casually bring up in conversation either but I had an idea….

I joined a dating site, one of those no strings attached type of sites that specialise in discreetness, I actually found the link on this web site localfuckbuddies.org. I went through the profiles of the women who lived not to far from me and I picked out adverts which stated things like ‘willing to explore’ and ‘wishing to try new things’ and within an hour of joining I had a small group of ladies who were openly flirting with me.

The women I managed to chat to were all very open about what they wanted to try, from the guy dressing up to oral sex (yes some women had never experienced this before) to anal sex and spanking. I found it very easy to share my desire, (probably because I was hidden behind a keyboard) and to my amazement not one of the ladies brushed it off as a no go, I even have a couple of ladies who have offered to meet up with me and fulfil my dream but I have hit a problem.

I now have a massive urge of guilt sweeping over me, I know my wife would never find out but these ladies are surely going to want something in return, they are going to want to have sex with me and I don’t know if I am ready to take my unfaithfulness to that level, I guess I sound stupid now don’t I?

8 thoughts on “A Married Man’s Fetish Story

  1. Annie

    Why don’t you just buy used panties? Skype with the women wearing them…. Have them send to you. I’ve done this before it’s not weird. My guy made me wear them for a few days first then I’d take a few videos and mail them. 🙂 hang in and don’t cheat. And your wife might not be that opposed why don’t you grab her from behind as she’s changing and put your face between her legs tell her it’s foreplay for her oral pleasure … If u really can’t tell her you enjoy the scent of her beautiful pussy …. Good luck

  2. rusty

    Liked ur explaination…

    The best way..wat i think is to tell ur wife about ur fantasy. talk to her that it makes u horny and i believe she will accept it.
    However if u want to get other pussy smell u have to tell her that too if she may arrange panties for u :))

    1. Roy bell

      I have stolen three ex’s dirty panties and the guilt got to me so much I confessed each time all three gave the same response that I was to stop as they didn’t like it. But I told all three of them that I was a pervert and I deserved punishing and except anything illegal there us nothing they can’t do to punish me. And on all three occasions I left the ball in their court suffice to say all three punished me for about four years each they punished me. The only things they couldn’t do to me was anything illegal or any public disclosure to family friends. And etween them although separately they found out the things I personally find the most repugnant acts imaginable and made me do them as the more I hated what was done to me the bigger the kick they got. Put it this way they all went from thinking sniffing dirty panties is perverted. To doing some pretty sick stuff and if you’d have told them ar the start what they would end up doing they’d all have said I wouldn’t dream of doing that it’s sick. And each time they punished me it was sicker than the last.. one of them moved away but that didn’t stop her for four years every month she would wear her panties at least 7 days using no toilet paper then having a shit in them and I was to chew up and swaow all her shit then suck her panties clean sometimes sending bottles of piss to. Over 4yrs she shit in 38 pairs that I had to chew up and swallow and charged me 4100.00 in total.

  3. Knickerst

    Pay for your fantasy, take out the oersonal and make it a purchase.
    I myself love having my knickers sniffed and its a great business:)

    1. Roy bell

      Hi i’m not sure i’m replying to the right advert but i’d love to share my fantasies and pay for dirty panties. My favourites are WHITE COTTON PANTIES the dirtier the better and I love all stains front and back. So please reply but can I ask what is the maximum time worn and do you do brown stains. Also my fantasies are all around bieng punished for stealing dirty panties. Thanx. Roy

  4. Phil

    I’m a married man and my fetish is to see other men sniffing my wifes dirty panties and using them if they want to every time I sniff her dirty panties I think about other men sniffing them drives me crazy

  5. Kaitlin

    I would to send some of you’s my panties reading these stories is making my pussy very wet and I love to know someone is enjoying the smell of my creamy cum


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