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Sniffing My Neighbours Panties

My parents got divorced around 4 years ago now, I live at home with my mother and sister who is 19 and next door to us lives Maria, another single mum who I am guessing is around the same age as my mother which would be 44 give or take a year or two. Maria and my mum get on very well. They are always popping in and out of one another’s for a coffee and chat. I don’t mind admitting that I have had some very lustful thoughts over Maria, she might be 20+ years older than me but damn she is fit so I try and loiter around when I can.

Now for a shameful admission, I have just turned 21 and I am still a virgin, I am not an ugly guy, I have had chances to break my virginity but I just lack confidence around women. I partly blame my virginity for my love of smelly worn women’s panties. You see all guys must wonder what pussy smells and tastes like and I am no different, hence my second shameful admission that I enjoy wanking off to my sisters panties whenever I can.

Our wash basket is in the bathroom so I always time my showers or bath straight after my sister when I know her panties will still be warm, moist and most aromatic. It isn’t just my sisters panties though, friends and aunties are all game for a sniff if ever the opportunity presents itself however, this story I wish to share isn’t about my sisters panties, it is about my third and so far most shameful admission to date…

Our neighbour Maria asked if we would mind checking their house whilst they were away on holiday. You know the kind of thing, pop in at night and draw the curtains and open them again in the morning, pick the post up off the floor and put it into a neat pile, nothing difficult.

Like anyone with a panty fetish the thought of having access to a hot woman’s laundry basket is always an exciting one, especially when you have always longed to smell a certain person’s panties and yet you had never been given the opportunity too. The day finally arrived when Maria was going to be starting her holiday and that morning my mother was out so it was I that answered the door. After a few polite pleasantries Maria handed me the key and jumped into the waiting taxi and off she went to commence her holiday, so you all know what came next…

The taxi had hardly exited the street and I was letting myself into her home. I paused for a second wondering what if she returned, should I wait a little longer in case Maria had forgotten something. If I waited though I might miss the opportunity, I had no idea how much longer my mother might be and I certainly wouldn’t want her to catch me leaving our neighbours home. I hurried in and made my way to the bathroom and my heart sank, no laundry basket.

I walked across the landing and entered the main bedroom and to my delight there was a laundry hamper sitting in the far corner. As I opened the hamper to peer inside I felt like a kid at Christmas opening an unknown present, what type of panties would I find, what colour, what material and most importantly, how smelly would they be?


Sitting neatly on top of a very small pile of clothes were a black pair of high leg bikini style panties. As I reached in to take them my thumb touched the gusset, oh my god, they were still moist, Maria must have taken them off within the last hour! I started to open the panties up for inspection and my excitement level went off the scale as I discovered the crotch was filled with a fresh creamy coloured discharge, I knew immediately that these were a pair of ovulation panties and from experience, I knew they were going to smell great.

I wasn’t disappointed, as I held the gusset to my nostrils and breathed in her scent it was one of the most exciting and intoxicating pair of panties that I had ever sniffed. Sitting on the edge of her bed I unzipped my trousers to release my aching cock, as I slowly started stroking it I imagined Maria was laying in front of me with her legs open and an invite to eat her cunt. It was seconds later that I wanted a hole to open up and swallow me, alerted to a noise at the door I turned around and who should be standing there but my mother.

I just froze, it was no use trying to hide what I was doing, unsure what to say it was my mother who broke the silence with one short sentence and a beaming smile, she simply asked if I was enjoying myself. Her smile was one I hadn’t witnessed before, it was kind of sultry. I was too embarrassed to say anything, my cock in the meantime had went limp and as my mother stared at it the next words to leave her lips were ones I shall never forget, “would you like a hand” she asked.

I am not sure at the time if it was the embarrassment of being caught and my own way of seeking a way out of my predicament or if a hidden incestual side to me had decided now was a good time to rear its head but I simply replied with a nod of my head. Seating herself next to me on the bed my mum took Maria’s panties from me and held them to her own nose.

Looking back down at my limp cock my mum handed me the panties back, “Mmm she sure smells good, you better have these back while I sort this one out for you, go on, I want you to continue smelling Maria’s pussy scent whilst I help you finish”. As I took the panties back from my mother she wrapped her fingers around my cock, instantly it sprang back to life, was this really happening to me!!

My mum was wearing a loose fitting knee length skirt and I wasn’t sure if I should be returning the favour, placing my hand on her knee as a test she smiled and said “so you want more”, as I nodded my mum stood up in front of me and slipped off her skirt. I could see the outline of her vulva pressing against the fabric of her panties, was my mother smooth and clean shaven? Oh my god, I was staring at my mother’s cameltoe and I didn’t care if it was right or wrong, I wanted to fuck her so badly.


Taking my hand my mum pulled me to my feet, “now I just want you to stand here, you’re not allowed to touch me, I am your mother and it wouldn’t be right” she exclaimed. As I stood directly in front of her she took my aching cock in one hand and started stroking it and with her other hand she pulled her panties away from her body to expose her pussy. Yes indeed, my mother was so smooth down there and it looked simply amazing.

The excitement had my cock twitching in seconds, a warm glow was building in my sacks and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to last long. “It’s okay honey, let yourself go, I want you to come in mummies panties” those words were enough to tip me over the edge and with each pump of my mother’s hand I began to ejaculate, one, two, three, four, five blasts of cum, as I watched it was noticeable that my mother’s aim wasn’t that great, at least two spurts had hit her over her pussy mound.

Releasing my cock with a smile and allowing her panties to slip back into place my mother turned around and bent over to pick up her skirt, in doing so I could see my cum seeping through her panties and up her ass crack, then without saying another word she left the room.

The Perfect Pair Of Smelly Panties

What factors contribute to the perfect smell when it comes to sniffing a dirty pair of panties? Is it just about the aroma or is the visual aspect also important for you and what about the person wearing them, do they have to be hot and fit looking themselves for you to fully enjoy the smell? Personally I use the term dirty panties quite lightly because for me I do not see them as being dirty, just worn and containing the scent of a pussy.

If I were to visualize a dirty pair of panties I would have no interest in smelling them. Dirty panties to me would be blood stained or have heavy faeces staining or look like they have been worn a whole week, none of which do I find appealing. When it comes to style I don’t really have a preference although lace panties do not hold the scent well. When it comes to colour I do have a preference but not for the obvious reason of it being a colour or pattern that I find visually appealing.

If it is a pair of panties from someone I know or trust or I have smelt them a few times before then I am quite happy for a black pair, however when it is a stranger or someone I have never had the pleasure of sniffing before I like a white pair so that I can see how bad the staining is. As for the person wearing them I am not fussy, for me it is always about the perfect aroma, I avoid smokers and women who are obese or extremely overweight.

Putting two and two together from women’s panties that I have had the pleasure in smelling I can detail my preference: I prefer the smell from women who have less to zero pubic hair, I find women with more hair tend to be a little more sweaty smelling than I would like. The perfect wear time is around 24 hours and are produced when the female is ovulating. I do not want to smell a strong urine odour and I do not want any back staining, a slight musky ass scent is fine.

Above is a gallery of worn panties, some more heavily stained than others, I have no idea what any of them look like but if you were to walk into a women’s dressing room at the gym and these were lined up which pair would have you more excited about their prospect of having that perfect smell? For me it would have to be the purple pair #3 which look like they are freshly removed and the black pair #7 which look like ovulation panties. White pair number #11 would also have me intrigued as they are not too heavily stained but have obviously been sitting tight in a pussy crack so I would guess not much hair.

I nearly picked black pair number #2 but I feared that they might be too heavily stained and I would worry that it might be semen from unprotected sex, I know some guys are into creampie panties but I am not one of them. This is where who they are from would come into play. If I knew the person and they were single and I knew that they had not participated in sexual intercourse then yes they would be straight to my nose otherwise a more cautious approach.

Women Who Like Smelling Panties

A long time ago I read that you should smell your own panties regularly as it can help you detect if something is wrong down below, although it might sound strange to some the evidence for doing this is medically backed up. I remember having the weirdest feeling the first time I did this, I say feeling, it was actually sexual arousal. How could I be getting turned on smelling my own pair of dirty panties?

I did a little research and discovered I am not alone when it comes to enjoying my own scent or even that of another woman,  there are lots of women out their who enjoy the smell of a healthy vagina. I am not a scientist so I won’t go into the explanations of why lots of women enjoy the smell of their even another females genitals, they just do so if you are one of those ladies just accept it and enjoy!

I did experiment once when around a friends house. I went through her laundry basket so that I could find a dirty pair of her panties, there were a couple of pairs to choose from so I tried both, holding them in turn to my nose and taking a deep breathe, they were both very scented from her groin and yes I did find it very arousing. Not in a way that I wanted to become a lesbian or have sex with my friend, more that I would love to have had sex with a guy while sniffing my friends panties – does that sound weird?


I have been single now for quite some time (no not because I like to sniff female panties) but I do have two outlets for the release of my sexual tension. The first and the most pleasurable is through where I have met a guy who also loves the smell of my panties, he likes to give me oral pleasure while I smell my own lingerie (or his wife’s) and then we swap, I suck him off while he inhales more of what I have to offer.

Yes I did say his wife’s panties, he is married and his wife doesn’t understand his fetish for used panties, either doesn’t understand or he is too worried to ask her. A few times he has sneaked a pair of her worn panties over with him and we take it in turns to enjoy the aroma of them. I am single and we both knew the score before we got into this, naughty fun on a no strings basis, if his wife won’t give him what he wants then it isn’t my fault he strays.

My second outlet is my vibrator or my own hand, when I relax in the evening there is nothing I enjoy more than laying back on the bed and inhaling my own scent while I touch myself. Once my secret lover forgot to take his wife’s panties back home with him and I do admit to using them solo when he was gone.I did hand them back next time I met with him but not until I had wore them for a few hours first, that was the naught of naughty side of me escaping out.

Sniffing Dirty Panties


What do you prefer when inhaling the intoxicating scent of a woman through her panties, the sweet smell of the vagina or the musky scent of her sweaty ass? This dominant brunette allowed her man to sample both as she first squatted that large round panty covered ass into his face before turning around and giving him a smell of her pussy through her panties.


Her man had to remain fully clothed through the whole episode, this was a punishment for him after she arrived home and caught him masturbating over her favourite pair of panties. I doubt very much that he felt it was a punishment, I would imagine more a dream come true. These yellow polka dot panties were ones that she had been wearing all day to work so you can imagine how delightful they would have smelt.

The only downside for the guy under this smothering act was that he was unable to relieve himself while the facesitting took place. It was all one way traffic in that department as she started to grind her grind into his face saturating those panties with her own love juice. Imagine that as a punishment, breathing in and smelling her sexual release as it happened, please punish me now!!