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Sniffing My Neighbours Panties

My parents got divorced around 4 years ago now, I live at home with my mother and sister who is 19 and next door to us lives Maria, another single mum who I am guessing is around the same age as my mother which would be 44 give or take a year or two. Maria and my mum get on very well. They are always popping in and out of one another’s for a coffee and chat. I don’t mind admitting that I have had some very lustful thoughts over Maria, she might be 20+ years older than me but damn she is fit so I try and loiter around when I can.

Now for a shameful admission, I have just turned 21 and I am still a virgin, I am not an ugly guy, I have had chances to break my virginity but I just lack confidence around women. I partly blame my virginity for my love of smelly worn women’s panties. You see all guys must wonder what pussy smells and tastes like and I am no different, hence my second shameful admission that I enjoy wanking off to my sisters panties whenever I can.

Our wash basket is in the bathroom so I always time my showers or bath straight after my sister when I know her panties will still be warm, moist and most aromatic. It isn’t just my sisters panties though, friends and aunties are all game for a sniff if ever the opportunity presents itself however, this story I wish to share isn’t about my sisters panties, it is about my third and so far most shameful admission to date…

Our neighbour Maria asked if we would mind checking their house whilst they were away on holiday. You know the kind of thing, pop in at night and draw the curtains and open them again in the morning, pick the post up off the floor and put it into a neat pile, nothing difficult.

Like anyone with a panty fetish the thought of having access to a hot woman’s laundry basket is always an exciting one, especially when you have always longed to smell a certain person’s panties and yet you had never been given the opportunity too. The day finally arrived when Maria was going to be starting her holiday and that morning my mother was out so it was I that answered the door. After a few polite pleasantries Maria handed me the key and jumped into the waiting taxi and off she went to commence her holiday, so you all know what came next…

The taxi had hardly exited the street and I was letting myself into her home. I paused for a second wondering what if she returned, should I wait a little longer in case Maria had forgotten something. If I waited though I might miss the opportunity, I had no idea how much longer my mother might be and I certainly wouldn’t want her to catch me leaving our neighbours home. I hurried in and made my way to the bathroom and my heart sank, no laundry basket.

I walked across the landing and entered the main bedroom and to my delight there was a laundry hamper sitting in the far corner. As I opened the hamper to peer inside I felt like a kid at Christmas opening an unknown present, what type of panties would I find, what colour, what material and most importantly, how smelly would they be?


Sitting neatly on top of a very small pile of clothes were a black pair of high leg bikini style panties. As I reached in to take them my thumb touched the gusset, oh my god, they were still moist, Maria must have taken them off within the last hour! I started to open the panties up for inspection and my excitement level went off the scale as I discovered the crotch was filled with a fresh creamy coloured discharge, I knew immediately that these were a pair of ovulation panties and from experience, I knew they were going to smell great.

I wasn’t disappointed, as I held the gusset to my nostrils and breathed in her scent it was one of the most exciting and intoxicating pair of panties that I had ever sniffed. Sitting on the edge of her bed I unzipped my trousers to release my aching cock, as I slowly started stroking it I imagined Maria was laying in front of me with her legs open and an invite to eat her cunt. It was seconds later that I wanted a hole to open up and swallow me, alerted to a noise at the door I turned around and who should be standing there but my mother.

I just froze, it was no use trying to hide what I was doing, unsure what to say it was my mother who broke the silence with one short sentence and a beaming smile, she simply asked if I was enjoying myself. Her smile was one I hadn’t witnessed before, it was kind of sultry. I was too embarrassed to say anything, my cock in the meantime had went limp and as my mother stared at it the next words to leave her lips were ones I shall never forget, “would you like a hand” she asked.

I am not sure at the time if it was the embarrassment of being caught and my own way of seeking a way out of my predicament or if a hidden incestual side to me had decided now was a good time to rear its head but I simply replied with a nod of my head. Seating herself next to me on the bed my mum took Maria’s panties from me and held them to her own nose.

Looking back down at my limp cock my mum handed me the panties back, “Mmm she sure smells good, you better have these back while I sort this one out for you, go on, I want you to continue smelling Maria’s pussy scent whilst I help you finish”. As I took the panties back from my mother she wrapped her fingers around my cock, instantly it sprang back to life, was this really happening to me!!

My mum was wearing a loose fitting knee length skirt and I wasn’t sure if I should be returning the favour, placing my hand on her knee as a test she smiled and said “so you want more”, as I nodded my mum stood up in front of me and slipped off her skirt. I could see the outline of her vulva pressing against the fabric of her panties, was my mother smooth and clean shaven? Oh my god, I was staring at my mother’s cameltoe and I didn’t care if it was right or wrong, I wanted to fuck her so badly.


Taking my hand my mum pulled me to my feet, “now I just want you to stand here, you’re not allowed to touch me, I am your mother and it wouldn’t be right” she exclaimed. As I stood directly in front of her she took my aching cock in one hand and started stroking it and with her other hand she pulled her panties away from her body to expose her pussy. Yes indeed, my mother was so smooth down there and it looked simply amazing.

The excitement had my cock twitching in seconds, a warm glow was building in my sacks and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to last long. “It’s okay honey, let yourself go, I want you to come in mummies panties” those words were enough to tip me over the edge and with each pump of my mother’s hand I began to ejaculate, one, two, three, four, five blasts of cum, as I watched it was noticeable that my mother’s aim wasn’t that great, at least two spurts had hit her over her pussy mound.

Releasing my cock with a smile and allowing her panties to slip back into place my mother turned around and bent over to pick up her skirt, in doing so I could see my cum seeping through her panties and up her ass crack, then without saying another word she left the room.

True Panty Sniffing Story

I love finding reader comments on posts, the following deserves a post of it’s own, I didn’t want it to be hidden in a comment for nobody to see. Thank you Jayne for sharing it with us. The comment was in relation to the Smelly Creamed Panties Article:

I think I am similar to you in so much as I sometimes think I am oversexed and I have a mind that constantly dreams of sex hourly and most likely in my dreams as well. My hubby is a great lover but just so typical in many ways. I find myself much more creative in coming up with new fun things to role play over.

Shortly after we were married I had come home from work early one Saturday. When I called him there was no answer but yet his car was in the driveway. When I went upstairs I did a double take when passing our bedroom. He was on the bed facing the other way so he did not know I was there.

He had his head phones on and was masturbating with two hands around his rock hard dick… In the 10 years we have been married since I don’t ever think I’ve seen his dick this hard. It was so erect that if he cum he would have shot himself in the face with it. As he was masturbating away he had no idea that I was behind him, not a clue. I can’t explain what a huge turn on this was for me, not just because I was watching him play with himself but because he had one pair of my worn panties wrapped around his dick and another pair draped over his head with the crotch lined up with his nose.


They looked like the pair I had been wearing yesterday, Wow, here he was sniffing my panties. Now you need to understand that these were the panties I wore after we had sex, they would have been full of my wet vaginal discharge mixed with his semen. Despite wanting to jump on his hard cock I stood frozen watching, not saying a word, I wanted to see him cum so I actually stood back a step hiding behind the door frame. I did wonder what he was listening to, I assumed it was some kind of audio porn.

Once in a while we to Literotica audio porn while in the car so I just assumed that is what it was this time. After a few minutes I noticed him pick another pair of panties up off the bed, I hadn’t noticed them earlier, they were a sheer satin in texture, pink in colour with a baby blue scallop around the waist band in bikini style, most importantly they were not mine!!!


As he arranged them ready to sniff I could see they were well and truly worn, I would say that they had been worn for more than just a day, they looked filthy, I could even see some light staining in the dirt box region. As he held them up to smell his cock immediately twitched, I thought he was going to shoot his load there and then. I think what turned me on the most was that he was sniffing someone else’s panties.

By now I was aware that my own panties were getting quite wet, I wanted to play with myself and cum at the same time as my husband but I knew I wouldn’t be able to catch him up in time, I continued to watch as he started licking and sucking her gusset before he shot his load into the panties that were wrapped around his cock.

I snuck back downstairs and acted as if nothing happened. I opened and slammed the door shouting hello as if just coming home from work. I am sharing this story with you because like you I’ve always wanted to experiment with another girl sexually but the thought seems easier than the reality. I’ve thought about my desire to sniff another girls panties but the opportunity has never presented itself to me. Reading your post made me think of myself, it brought back an exciting memory

Love Jayne
PS: I just stumbled across this site and don’t even know the name but just felt compelled to write a comment. Shit I guess this is actually a story and the chances are I will never know if you got or read this because I most likely will not get back to site. If you email me I’d be curious to see if your dream every did become a reality, I’m 32 currently.

Sniffing Panties Through Nylons

Who prefers sniffing panties that are behind a nice pair of tights or nylons? If you are lucky enough to have sniffed a pair in this manner you might never go back to the more conventional way again. Granted it would need to be a pair of panties that were still being worn to get the full pleasure.


Take this pair, who doesn’t have an instant urge to bury their nostrils right into the crack of her gorgeous ass? I would love to keep her bent over this table while I fill my lungs with her warm musky scent before laying down on the floor face up and inviting her to squat down and grind me.

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Mother-In-Laws Panties

I would like to share with you an image of a pair of panties that I am about to enjoy, they are my mother-in-laws panties. I found them in her laundry basket. Although she is nearing sixty years of age, I have to say they are some of the best panties I have ever smelled.

moms panties

I took this image on my smart phone, now if you would excuse me I am going to hold them very tight to my face as I inhale and enjoy her mature pussy scent.

A Married Man’s Fetish Story

I am married and I have a fetish for smelling ladies worn panties. If I am around a friends or relatives I always ask to use the bathroom and I am in my element if I find a wash basket with a pair of dirty panties inside. I don’t care what the owner looks like, I close my eyes and use my imagination as I inhale the scent. Sometimes the aroma disappoints me, other times I believe it is the best pair I have ever smelled.

I wanted to develop my panty sniffing fetish further, I wanted to sniff a pair that were still being worn at the end of a long day. I occasionally (through a little horse play) get close to doing this with my wife but only for a few seconds, I wanted to experience the sensation of what it would be like to be the guy in this image.

facesitting panties

Don’t get me wrong, I do have a great sex life with my wife but she would not approve of nor understand my panty sniffing habit. Finding a female who would be willing to let me sniff her panties while still wearing them wasn’t something you can openly advertise for, it wasn’t the kind of thing you could casually bring up in conversation either but I had an idea….

I joined a dating site, one of those no strings attached type of sites that specialise in discreetness, I actually found the link on this web site I went through the profiles of the women who lived not to far from me and I picked out adverts which stated things like ‘willing to explore’ and ‘wishing to try new things’ and within an hour of joining I had a small group of ladies who were openly flirting with me.

The women I managed to chat to were all very open about what they wanted to try, from the guy dressing up to oral sex (yes some women had never experienced this before) to anal sex and spanking. I found it very easy to share my desire, (probably because I was hidden behind a keyboard) and to my amazement not one of the ladies brushed it off as a no go, I even have a couple of ladies who have offered to meet up with me and fulfil my dream but I have hit a problem.

I now have a massive urge of guilt sweeping over me, I know my wife would never find out but these ladies are surely going to want something in return, they are going to want to have sex with me and I don’t know if I am ready to take my unfaithfulness to that level, I guess I sound stupid now don’t I?

Facesitting Panties

You will be on this site because you have a fetish for smelling worn panties or you are curious about the aroma and joys that a used pair of panties have to offer. The only thing better then a smelly pair of panties is a pair that are still being worn by the female, welcome to the world of Panty Facesitting, or smothering as some like to call it.


The majority of guys who participate in this are on the submissive side, the idea is that the female takes control and her pleasure by dry humping the guys face, basically she uses his face as a fuck cushion. Sometimes he will be permitted to use his mouth, it depends on how his mistress feels at the time. Looking at this image above I would imagine the guy is taking more than a bit of pleasure from the aroma of those pink panties, his nose is in perfect alignment with her clitoris.

If you would like to explore more images of this fetish the following site is well worth a visit and a moment of your time – a site dedicated to smothering and facesitting while wearing panties. I just wish my partner would be willing to sit on my face like this while still wearing her worn knickers, if I asked her I reckon I would attract a non understanding and rather concerned look.

My Sisters Smelly Gym Panties

I had never imagined what it would be like to smell a pair of worn panties, the thought of my first experience being my sisters would have scared the hell out of me a year back. It all started in our garage; we have a small selection of gym equipment set up in there including a bench press machine. Both myself and my sister enjoy using the weights, I more so the weights my sister the treadmill. My sister does have a very fit looking athletic shaped body. I noticed some time back that when she works out she doesn’t wear any panties. No she is not naked, she does wear lycra yoga pants but there is no visible panty line and I have noticed the occasional cameltoe.

One particular day I wasn’t feeling very strong and I guess my sister could tell that I wasn’t putting in the usual effort while bench pressing. After a little winding up she offered to spot for me and I accepted. As I lay down on the bench and gazed up I was confronted with my sisters cameltoe bulging out from her yoga pants, I tried not to stare and I tried my hardest to eradicate the thought from my mind, the last thing I wanted now was a hard on.

I started to bench press the weight and hit my target of 6 reps, my sister screaming at me to go for just one more, as I bounced the bar off my chest my arms went numb, I was struggling big time to return the weights to the rest position. My sister bending her knees took hold of the bar and helped me return it. Whilst doing this I swear her groin came within an inch of my face and with the deep breathes I was being forced to take I couldn’t help but notice her sweet womanly aroma.


The effort of returning the bar to its position also took its toll on my sister, I think she had begun to panic that we were not going to manage it, collapsing forward she placed her hands on my chest and for a split second I thought she was going to end up on top of me in a 69 position. Very daringly I lifted my head upwards and greeted her groin with my nose and took one deep breathe. I expected her to pull back but instead she laughed and asked what I was doing?

I can smell something fishy I told her in a joking manner, you cheeky git she replied standing upright and making her way over to the exercise bike. I made my way to the shower stopping at her bedroom door, glancing in I could see her panties sitting there, the ones she had taken off prior to her workout routine. Needless to say I took them into the bathroom with me, her smell was intoxicating and I now make smelling her panties a regular routine.

Smelling My Mums Panties

I will always remember the day that first attracted me to the smell of a pair of women’s panties and I would like to share it with you. It was a warm summers evening and I was sat next to my mother on the sofa watching TV. My mother was one end of the sofa and I sat at the other, we used to playfully squabble over who took up the most space. Usually my mother would be wearing leggings or pyjama bottoms but this time we were settling down to watch TV a little earlier than usual and she still had her work clothes on, a blouse and skirt combination.

After a playful squabble and pushing against each other’s feet my mother seemed to be unaware that her skirt had rode up around her thighs and I was getting a head on view of her panty covered crotch. It was in that instant that I found myself getting aroused at the site of her panties. I cannot describe how quickly my dick managed to get hard. It was a powerful attraction of which I had never experienced before. Yes I knew it was wrong but the overwhelming power to look at her groin was far too great to overcome.

It was almost as if someone else had taken over my body, where the hell had these lustful feelings come from and why had I suddenly got an urge to put my face between my mum’s legs and smell her groin? I didn’t know what a pussy would smell like but I had an urge to find out, not just what any pussy smelt like but my mother’s! I must admit I was a little confused, why had this thought even entered my head, I swear the site of my mums groin and the desire to lean forward and take a smell of her panties had made my cock feel like it was going to snap, it was so hard it was almost painful. Now my mind was going into overdrive how could I sneak a quick sniff?

We started to watch TV, my head was so full of lust I couldn’t tell you even to this day what was on. I started to fidget in the hope my mum would ask what was wrong and sure enough she did, I told her I was feeling tired and needed to stretch out more, then the words I was praying to hear exited her lips as she invited me to swing my feet around and use her lap as a pillow. My mum was in a kind of slouched position so I lay my head down on her lap positioning my cheek just above where her pubic bone would have been in the knowledge that my nose was very close to the v shape between her legs, I was less than an inch away from her panties, if only she wasn’t wearing a skirt.


I lay there motionless breathing in slowly through my nose hoping to catch a scent of her panties. I was disappointed in the result, although I could just about smell the faintest warm musky aroma it wasn’t what I had imagined, maybe my mums panties do not smell like I had hoped? I had often read descriptions of what a pussy smelt like, none of these descriptions were quite matching my own experience. I fidgeted around a little making out I was trying to get comfortable and in doing so my mums skirt lifted a few inches higher exposing the flesh of her thighs.

“Are you okay” my mother asked, sensing something was not right?

“I have an itch in my nose” I explained as I turned my face down towards her groin pressing my nostrils into her pubic bone as if to scratch an imaginary itch. The way my mum shifted herself left me unsure if she felt uncomfortable or if she had been aroused at my face pressing into her groin area.

We continued to watch TV for a while longer before my mum left to take her evening bath, there was nothing unusual in this it had become a ritual, my mum would use the bathroom first and then it was free for me to use afterwards. After she had finished she yelled down the stairs that the bathroom was free, sometimes I would go straight in and take my bath or a shower and other times I would leave it a while longer. On this occasion I was so horny from my failed attempts at sniffing my mum’s pussy I couldn’t wait to get into the bathroom and relieve my tension.

On closing the bathroom door something caught my attention, laying there on the floor was a pair of my mother’s panties, the very ones she had been wearing earlier. Wow had she done this intentionally or had she just forgot to pick them up, unlike many families we all have our own laundry baskets in our bedrooms. Now if you are a lover of the smell of a pair of worn panties you will know exactly how I felt. I had never smelt a pair of panties before not alone my mother’s; the anticipation, the excitement, the naughty feeling that it is your very own mother’s scent that you are going to be inhaling.

I turned them inside out with the gusset facing upwards, they were still warm, the cotton fabric was stained with a slightly tacky substance which was of a cream texture, I remember gently touching it, I was running my finger through my mum’s pussy juice. My cock felt like it was going to snap in two as I slowly raised them to my nose before taking an inquisitive shallow sniff. The smell was amazing, I took a second deeper and far stronger sniff and then a third and fourth. Grasping my cock I started to masturbate myself while smelling the panties stopping just before the point of no return, I wanted this to last longer than a 20 second wank.

Fuck Buddies

I moved the gusset by just a fraction at a time smelling each individual area and noticing the slight difference in smell as I worked my way along the soiled fabric. I think what shocked me more at the time was the excitement I felt when I reached the musky scent of where her ass would have been. Since this first panty sniffing experience I have enjoyed the aroma of my mother’s panties many a time, my friends mum’s, aunties, cousins and neighbours, I don’t really care who’s they are. My favourite are still my mother’s and I still wonder to this day if she left that first pair for me to discover on purpose.

My Smelly Creamed Ovulation Panties

My husband loves going down on me, the smellier I am the more attention he pays. When I use the term smelly I don’t mean in a filthy not washed my vagina for days manner, I just mean the way I smell naturally. When I am ovulating my scent is much stronger and my panties are also a give away as to when I am (ovulating) as they are always heavily coated with natural discharge. Before I met my husband I used to sell my worn panties, I always asked more for them when I was ovulating, I had one guy that preferred to lick my coating from them however most preferred the strong natural scent.


I thought you guys might like an image of my heavily scented panties for use on your web site, if I wasn’t a married lady I might have sent you an image of me in them, I might have even sent you a pair for sniffing to prove how horny ovulation panties are. I did nothing special in these panties and I have not had sex for two days so all what you see in the gusset is 100% natural. I actually started wearing these panties at around 06:30 and they were taken off at 22:00 so they were worn for a little over 15 hours in total. The fabric does sit nice and close to my vagina as I don’t have any pubic hair top create a cushion as I am a regular at my local salon for a Hollywood style wax.

Yes if anyone is interested I do smell my own panties, it started for me after reading an article on good health for women and how you should sniff your own panties from time to time as it is a good way of telling if anything changes in your body. I can’t admit to getting as excited over my aroma as my fella does but I must say it isn’t a smell that doesn’t arouse me. Have I ever been tempted to smell another females panties? The answer to that is yes I have been tempted but up until writing you this I haven’t had the opportunity present itself to me.

Sniff My Panties

You are here on this site because you enjoy the aroma of a worn pair of women’s panties. There are hundreds of thousands of men just like you, it is not uncommon for men to be attracted to the natural scent of a female. You will without a doubt have sneaked a few pairs  of dirty panties out of your friends or even relatives laundry basket before and taken a sneaky smell of them before popping them back.


Many of you might have even purchased a pair of used panties in the past from an Internet seller. My question to you is what smells even better than a pair of worn panties that have just been removed from a gorgeous females body? The answer is a pair that are still being worn by that same female. The warmth of her body keeping that aroma fresh and the smell of her own vagina hidden behind the fabric that you are pressing your nose against, nothing can beat that experience.

The problem for most guys is that they either have a partner that feels it is disgusting and they do not understand why their man would want to do this, they simply do not understand  their fetish or they are single for one reason or another. Both of these problems can be overcome by the use of an adult contacts site. I won’t bore you with why they are so great for this type of fetish, just believe me when I say you will find a woman open to your suggestions who is willing to secretly and quietly meet you on a no strings basis by visiting

Just take a look at the image above, could you even begin to imagine pressing your face into her panty covered crotch, the feel of that taught material greeting your nose with her wonderful scent. You would probably start to smell her horniness as soon as you got within 6 feet of her, click the image for a super large version then take a visit to the discreet date website and get yourself hooked up with someone just like this.