Facesitting Panties

You will be on this site because you have a fetish for smelling worn panties or you are curious about the aroma and joys that a used pair of panties have to offer. The only thing better then a smelly pair of panties is a pair that are still being worn by the female, welcome to the world of Panty Facesitting, or smothering as some like to call it.


The majority of guys who participate in this are on the submissive side, the idea is that the female takes control and her pleasure by dry humping the guys face, basically she uses his face as a fuck cushion. Sometimes he will be permitted to use his mouth, it depends on how his mistress feels at the time. Looking at this image above I would imagine the guy is taking more than a bit of pleasure from the aroma of those pink panties, his nose is in perfect alignment with her clitoris.

If you would like to explore more images of this fetish the following site is well worth a visit and a moment of your time www.pantyfacesitting.net – a site dedicated to smothering and facesitting while wearing panties. I just wish my partner would be willing to sit on my face like this while still wearing her worn knickers, if I asked her I reckon I would attract a non understanding and rather concerned look.

7 thoughts on “Facesitting Panties

  1. John Carr

    I just get so turned on by womens panties and the thought of smelling and licking them particularly sweaty ones drives me insane especially if i dont know whos they are!

  2. Rand

    I think smelling a woman’s panties is totally erotic, and when ever I get a chance to smell a woman’s panties I do, and I jerk off to the smell Mmmm!!! makes me hard and I cum in loads…highly recommended!!!

  3. KDL69

    Like to sniff used panties … contact me, im sure you wont be disappointed.

    kdl69 @ outlook . com
    without the spaces!!

  4. JackNOnner

    My wife has “come” to appreciate my desire for her soiled panties. Not sure where my fetish started, but sure glad it did. She previously traveled weeks at a time. She never failed to leave a couple pair of 2 or 3 day old worn panties beneath my pillow. She always enjoyed asking me if I had found a little surprise in bed that night. Sometimes I would get into a phone sex session, with her urging me on to sniff a pair while jacking myself into another. She always wanted to see how stiff I could make them by filling them with several rounds of cum during her time away. I never failed to have them quite stiff with my cum and hers upon her return home.

    Since her travel days are over, she still will wear a pair for a couple days. I especially love those days when she’s been to gym to work out. Between the sweat, dried pee and female natural discharge, her panties are always a hit. She now has taken my fetish a step farther and has me beg for her to sit on my face and smear those soiled panties up and down my face. For a bit, she does not touch my cock, nor am I allowed to touch it. After I have properly helped her soil them again, she allows me to jack off on them or she jacks me off using them to stroke my cock in the soft silks and satins that fill her lingerie drawer.

    Hey, it’s my fetish and may not be for everyone. I’m not here to judge or be judged. I just know that my loving wife is willing to indulge my fetish pretty much anytime I like.

  5. dickstroaker

    I have had a panty fetish since i was little boy, yes even before i was old enough to masturbate i looked at girls and womens panties like a moth to a light. At age 11 i first masturbated to the ladies bras and panties in a sears catalogue. I soon started stealing my sisters friends panties on sleepovers or if they used our pool. My first real girlfriend i was a 21 yearold virgin because i think i spent so much time jerking off that i had no confidence with women. To this day every girlfriend has hit on mr first. I am not ugly i have a great career i just love sniffing panties and wanking off. So the first time i slept over my girlfriend she had told me i could spend the night but no sex. I woke up at night found wear she had put her moist panties after we had made out and snuck off to her bath room. I was in there sniffing and sucking the crotch while stroking my penis when she walked in. I was stammering and bright red. She asked if I was enjoying them and i said yes and how i wanted to taste her so much. From that night on I gave her oral sex then she gave me her soaked panties to sniff while she jerked me off. We got married shortly after in a Female Led marriage arranged by her older sister and her band of feminists who preach female led relationships, with male chastity to keep them from being their own worst enemies. Also they believe men need regular discipline, again to keep them from lying about plans to drink with their friends, go to strip clubs, gamble, and are easily corrupted by the first short skirt that smiles or winks their way. They believe mrn have ruined the world by them being in charge and it is time for women to run the government’s . They believe men should lose the right to vote and be in position of authority. older sisters husband had been played for a fool by his young beautiful secretary. She was leading him on taking gifts going on out of town conferences getting him right to the point of sex when she would raise her demands and leave him nothing but her wet thong to pleasure himself. He became her oral sex slave and paid her for the pleasure . My sister jn law figured out what was going on and confronted the secretary and whose stunning beauty charmed Karen also. They began a relationship and conspired to make Frank and his rich family pay. Stacy was from a family led by her mother and Karen, Stacy, Kristin , my wife, and all their friends decided to start a group in western Massachusetts with women and their submissive husbands. I like the other men were infatuated with my lady. We usually had been long-term virgins with a panty fetish and the desire to pleasure our woman with cunilligus. I became an expert at this as I had masturbated so much that I had no control and wood ejaculate on touch. If I sniffed her panties and she sat in my lap if she wiggled around I would cum in my pants. As an aside in our FLR group all males must wear panties, we dress as maids in our homes, wear nightgowns to bed submit to pegging since most of us either are not allowed intercourse but our wives take us to prove their position of dominance and to make us their bitches. We are the homemakers, and our status of panty sniffing, caged penis, cuckolded & kept from voting, or working. We are allowed to sniff her panties after ladies nights out. But we have to raise the Children in our lifestyle

  6. TG Suzie

    My first memories regarding panty sniffing are from an early age. It seems I began developing panty (and all things feminine) fetishes very early on in life, recalling even being most interested in the lingerie, sleepwear and pretty dresses that Barbie wore, and her boobs and smooth genital area too! Mother wore some very lovely panties that I could not resist enjoying after I discovered the availability of her lingerie. The first panties of hers were borrowed from a chair near her bed, taken the morning after she’d worn them the day previous. I was no more than 5 years old, nonetheless I would get very aroused holding her panties, inspecting them, and then sniffing and licking the all nylon gussets. This was circa 1956 when women usually wore full briefs made from the silkiest nylon tricot ever! As much as I enjoyed her scent and taste, wearing them was very exciting too, having my cock in her soiled panty gusset was most arousing. One day there were two pairs on the chair, I took them both, and after my inspections, sniffings and tastings, the feel of wearing two pairs at the same time was too much not to want to go on for the entire day. When I didn’t return them to the chair in her room prior to her waking, she noted them missing and knew I was the party responsible as I was the only other person in the house.

    She was most upset when she had me pull down my pants revealing her two missing briefs I had on, and I was most embarrassed at being caught and the secretive things I’d done and felt about her intimates and special place! That day might have been the end of my panty love, were it not for a number of other panty and lingerie experiences that happened, and the fateful day at age 8 when she asked me if I was still interested in wearing her silk ladies’ underwear. I was very much interested and when she held hers open for me to step into, my fate as a forever panty-boy (and then much more) was sealed!

    A few years later (by which time I would dress fully in feminine lingerie, foundations and outerwear and always wore nylon and chiffon sleepwear to bed) she asked me what was so special about her panties that had driven me to take them in the first place. When she learned that it was her scent and taste left in her panty gussets that made me feel so intimately attracted to her special feminine place (I had all kinds of desires too over her breasts, nipples and brassieres) she suggested that I needed to find a female who would not only keep me in my very special clothes and lingerie, but one who would invite me to experience the smooth sexiness of her most intimate places!

    Lingerie and sex with a woman has been my passion ever since!


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