Mother-In-Laws Panties

I would like to share with you an image of a pair of panties that I am about to enjoy, they are my mother-in-laws panties. I found them in her laundry basket. Although she is nearing sixty years of age, I have to say they are some of the best panties I have ever smelled.

moms panties

I took this image on my smart phone, now if you would excuse me I am going to hold them very tight to my face as I inhale and enjoy her mature pussy scent.

9 thoughts on “Mother-In-Laws Panties

  1. Richard

    Yes sure love to sniff them purple panties full of ur sweet necture so what Iam lookin for a pair of thong panties nylon or cotton well sented 15 hour sounds great em em I need a pair send info

  2. Sudhir

    Wow, imagine the odor of that 60 year old cunt hole of your dear mother-in-law! But from the looks of it, that panty seems to have been hugging her juicy vulva for at least 6 hours. But what I really would lust is for it to be pasted into her sex-hole for atleast 24 hours — Sudhir

  3. Pat

    Beautiful. Can’t wait to spend the night at my mother in law tomorrow. She’s 64 years old, Japanese and has hair till her butt. And oh my god, her scent is divine. I could wear her used panty over my face all day long.

  4. Ryan

    I too have smelled my mother in-laws! Have not done it it many years but still remember that day. Those panties look amazing and I bet they taste good too!!! Would love to see more pics

  5. ollie

    Oh my, takes me back to my motherinlaws panties, she would leave out of town and I immediately would hit her laundry basket and find her warm and moist stained panties, omg they are so intoxicating, a natural high. I would always place one over my face with the crotch in my mouth and jackoff with another pair, I would suck those panties CLEAN and place them back in the basket. I then would jackoff on her clean panties kept in her bedroom dresser and put them back for her to wear my cum on her pussy 🙂


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