My Smelly Creamed Ovulation Panties

My husband loves going down on me, the smellier I am the more attention he pays. When I use the term smelly I don’t mean in a filthy not washed my vagina for days manner, I just mean the way I smell naturally. When I am ovulating my scent is much stronger and my panties are also a give away as to when I am (ovulating) as they are always heavily coated with natural discharge. Before I met my husband I used to sell my worn panties, I always asked more for them when I was ovulating, I had one guy that preferred to lick my coating from them however most preferred the strong natural scent.


I thought you guys might like an image of my heavily scented panties for use on your web site, if I wasn’t a married lady I might have sent you an image of me in them, I might have even sent you a pair for sniffing to prove how horny ovulation panties are. I did nothing special in these panties and I have not had sex for two days so all what you see in the gusset is 100% natural. I actually started wearing these panties at around 06:30 and they were taken off at 22:00 so they were worn for a little over 15 hours in total. The fabric does sit nice and close to my vagina as I don’t have any pubic hair top create a cushion as I am a regular at my local salon for a Hollywood style wax.

Yes if anyone is interested I do smell my own panties, it started for me after reading an article on good health for women and how you should sniff your own panties from time to time as it is a good way of telling if anything changes in your body. I can’t admit to getting as excited over my aroma as my fella does but I must say it isn’t a smell that doesn’t arouse me. Have I ever been tempted to smell another females panties? The answer to that is yes I have been tempted but up until writing you this I haven’t had the opportunity present itself to me.

11 thoughts on “My Smelly Creamed Ovulation Panties

  1. rudi idur

    Love to see a photo of your smelling your best friend’s panties, and she probably would like it, as well.
    Thank you for the interesting post and photo.

  2. Sniffer

    I prefer sniffing over taste but I must admit, I would have to give these a lick just as I was about to explode.

  3. zak

    wow… i would love to taste the discharge stuck onto those panties. could you post a picture of your pussy in secret?

  4. moms panty sniffer

    Your smelly panties look delicious to sniff and lick clean. I have found many of my moms panties full of whitish ovulating discharge and I licked the white stuff up clan. My moms vagina gets strong with her natural vaginal odor after her periods, so I love getting her panties fresh after she removes the.

    1. Todd morton

      I think who ever smells there moms panties are sick in the head
      I to am a panty sniffer but never thought of smelling my own mothers panties.

  5. james bond

    please sent me pair of your dirty panties…coz iam very found of smelling…

    thanks a lost for the post!

    with regards..


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