Smelling My Mums Panties

I will always remember the day that first attracted me to the smell of a pair of women’s panties and I would like to share it with you. It was a warm summers evening and I was sat next to my mother on the sofa watching TV. My mother was one end of the sofa and I sat at the other, we used to playfully squabble over who took up the most space. Usually my mother would be wearing leggings or pyjama bottoms but this time we were settling down to watch TV a little earlier than usual and she still had her work clothes on, a blouse and skirt combination.

After a playful squabble and pushing against each other’s feet my mother seemed to be unaware that her skirt had rode up around her thighs and I was getting a head on view of her panty covered crotch. It was in that instant that I found myself getting aroused at the site of her panties. I cannot describe how quickly my dick managed to get hard. It was a powerful attraction of which I had never experienced before. Yes I knew it was wrong but the overwhelming power to look at her groin was far too great to overcome.

It was almost as if someone else had taken over my body, where the hell had these lustful feelings come from and why had I suddenly got an urge to put my face between my mum’s legs and smell her groin? I didn’t know what a pussy would smell like but I had an urge to find out, not just what any pussy smelt like but my mother’s! I must admit I was a little confused, why had this thought even entered my head, I swear the site of my mums groin and the desire to lean forward and take a smell of her panties had made my cock feel like it was going to snap, it was so hard it was almost painful. Now my mind was going into overdrive how could I sneak a quick sniff?

We started to watch TV, my head was so full of lust I couldn’t tell you even to this day what was on. I started to fidget in the hope my mum would ask what was wrong and sure enough she did, I told her I was feeling tired and needed to stretch out more, then the words I was praying to hear exited her lips as she invited me to swing my feet around and use her lap as a pillow. My mum was in a kind of slouched position so I lay my head down on her lap positioning my cheek just above where her pubic bone would have been in the knowledge that my nose was very close to the v shape between her legs, I was less than an inch away from her panties, if only she wasn’t wearing a skirt.


I lay there motionless breathing in slowly through my nose hoping to catch a scent of her panties. I was disappointed in the result, although I could just about smell the faintest warm musky aroma it wasn’t what I had imagined, maybe my mums panties do not smell like I had hoped? I had often read descriptions of what a pussy smelt like, none of these descriptions were quite matching my own experience. I fidgeted around a little making out I was trying to get comfortable and in doing so my mums skirt lifted a few inches higher exposing the flesh of her thighs.

“Are you okay” my mother asked, sensing something was not right?

“I have an itch in my nose” I explained as I turned my face down towards her groin pressing my nostrils into her pubic bone as if to scratch an imaginary itch. The way my mum shifted herself left me unsure if she felt uncomfortable or if she had been aroused at my face pressing into her groin area.

We continued to watch TV for a while longer before my mum left to take her evening bath, there was nothing unusual in this it had become a ritual, my mum would use the bathroom first and then it was free for me to use afterwards. After she had finished she yelled down the stairs that the bathroom was free, sometimes I would go straight in and take my bath or a shower and other times I would leave it a while longer. On this occasion I was so horny from my failed attempts at sniffing my mum’s pussy I couldn’t wait to get into the bathroom and relieve my tension.

On closing the bathroom door something caught my attention, laying there on the floor was a pair of my mother’s panties, the very ones she had been wearing earlier. Wow had she done this intentionally or had she just forgot to pick them up, unlike many families we all have our own laundry baskets in our bedrooms. Now if you are a lover of the smell of a pair of worn panties you will know exactly how I felt. I had never smelt a pair of panties before not alone my mother’s; the anticipation, the excitement, the naughty feeling that it is your very own mother’s scent that you are going to be inhaling.

I turned them inside out with the gusset facing upwards, they were still warm, the cotton fabric was stained with a slightly tacky substance which was of a cream texture, I remember gently touching it, I was running my finger through my mum’s pussy juice. My cock felt like it was going to snap in two as I slowly raised them to my nose before taking an inquisitive shallow sniff. The smell was amazing, I took a second deeper and far stronger sniff and then a third and fourth. Grasping my cock I started to masturbate myself while smelling the panties stopping just before the point of no return, I wanted this to last longer than a 20 second wank.

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I moved the gusset by just a fraction at a time smelling each individual area and noticing the slight difference in smell as I worked my way along the soiled fabric. I think what shocked me more at the time was the excitement I felt when I reached the musky scent of where her ass would have been. Since this first panty sniffing experience I have enjoyed the aroma of my mother’s panties many a time, my friends mum’s, aunties, cousins and neighbours, I don’t really care who’s they are. My favourite are still my mother’s and I still wonder to this day if she left that first pair for me to discover on purpose.

24 thoughts on “Smelling My Mums Panties

  1. Sniffer

    I have smelt over 100 pairs of panties in my adult life, cousins, friends and strangers but not one pair can compete with my mums. It doesn’t matter how many pairs I sniff they just do not have the same exciting scent as my mums.

    1. john

      I started sniffing my moms dirty panties when I was 12. I used to sneek into her bed when I was younger too. I would get so hard cuddling up behind her and i would cum in my underwear. I was too young to actually cum cum but i was actually dry fucking her. One day she was vacuming in her nighty with no panties on and she kept bending over and putting her snatch right in my face. I could see everything from her big harry bush to her arsehole. The first time I stole a pair of her dirty panties was the hardest I’ve ever came in my life. I steal them out of the hamper and usually put them right back in the exact position I got them from for fear she would notice and I’d get caught. Now a days I wish she would catch me red handed with her dirty wet panties over my nose and a hard cock jerking off. I have literally stolen a bunch of her panties and not put them back, just to see if she would notice. She has never said anything but she must know. One day she left 5 or 6 pair of white cotton briefs in the hamper and only one solo pink pair. I stole the pink pair intentionally so she would notice and say something to me but she never did. After that I got brave and started wearing her bras, panties, stalkings, shoes….everything. To this day I have never smelled a better pussy than my moms. I have sniffed my sisters, aunts, cousins, neighbours, roomates, girlfriends, buddys wives, but nothing compares to moms stinky hairy pussy.

  2. segaiolo aka john rossetti

    i loved to smell and wear my mom dirty panties. she knew and use to watch me masturbate every day. her behavior increased my life long addiction.

  3. Jamie

    my mom is 37. I smell her panties mostly everyday. I smelled my friend’s mom. Not exciting as my mom’s.
    For my aunts also!

    1. Moms panty sniffer

      I also smell my 37 yo moms and my 35yo Aunty Carol’s dirty stinky panties. I sniff my moms dirty panties everyday, The best is when mom is ovulating and she has a heavy white discharge of vaginal secreations.
      The stain in mom’s panties is huge and still very wet sometimes when I get her panties from besides the toilet or laundry hamper..

  4. Chris Lee

    I love nothing better than sneaking into a woman’s bedroom and looking through there knicker draw for Satin knickers to steel . It doesn’t matter what they look like pretty , ugly, fat , thin ? Young , old friend, family or stranger. I love to steel them so I can play with them if I find them in the laundry basket all the better. But NOTHING absolutely NOTHING compares to mum’s satin panties. I have so many naughty thoughts about them and her . If anyone would like to share stories I’d more than than happy to chat.

      1. Alfred

        I bet they smell beautiful, I love sucking the crotch of my wife’s panties. I ‘d love to sniff your wife’s panties

  5. Francesca Vera

    I started wearing my mothers panties when I was 8, I didn’t discovered the special scent until I was 10, from her panties I discovered what sex was, this drove me to my Aunts, mothers of my friends, then my mother in law, sister in law, finally stealing panties from laundry rooms before they were washed. I can honestly say I have sniffed the panties of over 1000 women through the years, worn about half of them. My current mother in law her panties are just like what my mothers were. What a wonderful world

  6. Pantysniffer

    When I was 15 year old, one day my mom washed all my underwears and all wet, when I was getting ready for my college I asked my mom about my underwear and then she said she has washed all of mine, then she lifted her sari, took of her panty and ask me to wear it, I sniffed the panty, the moment I sniffed my mom’s panty my penis got errect and then I wore that panty and went to college.

  7. Willow8234

    I love acquiring people i know’s dirty worn panties,getting off on them and wearing them in front of them and they don’t know……..god damn love it!

  8. Holli

    I love letting guys sniff my panties, it’s such a turn on for me… I would love to chat with anyone interested in my filthy panties…

  9. Bill Johnson

    in my washing basket one day I discovered a pair of my mum’s dirty knickers and, being curious, decided to have a quick sniff. I enjoyed the smell coming from her gusset that it has now become a regular thing, borrow a couple of pairs from the washing basket and give them a sniff, it is such a turn on, and, being raised as a Catholic and being an altar boy, I get quite horny by how naughty it feels

  10. Roy bell

    My ex wife found out I sniffed her dirty panties and made it clear I was a pervert who deserved punishing an she had the right to punish me any way she wished and except anything illegal there is nothing she can’t do to me. Over three yrs she punished me in many ways
    But one night she took me to a local sex club with dungeon dressed me up in slutty red and black lingerie and in front of everybody (30 people) got me on all fours put my head and hands in stocks and fucked me with an 8″ black strap on. This is one of many ways she punished me


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