Sniffing My Neighbours Panties

My parents got divorced around 4 years ago now, I live at home with my mother and sister who is 19 and next door to us lives Maria, another single mum who I am guessing is around the same age as my mother which would be 44 give or take a year or two. Maria and my mum get on very well. They are always popping in and out of one another’s for a coffee and chat. I don’t mind admitting that I have had some very lustful thoughts over Maria, she might be 20+ years older than me but damn she is fit so I try and loiter around when I can.

Now for a shameful admission, I have just turned 21 and I am still a virgin, I am not an ugly guy, I have had chances to break my virginity but I just lack confidence around women. I partly blame my virginity for my love of smelly worn women’s panties. You see all guys must wonder what pussy smells and tastes like and I am no different, hence my second shameful admission that I enjoy wanking off to my sisters panties whenever I can.

Our wash basket is in the bathroom so I always time my showers or bath straight after my sister when I know her panties will still be warm, moist and most aromatic. It isn’t just my sisters panties though, friends and aunties are all game for a sniff if ever the opportunity presents itself however, this story I wish to share isn’t about my sisters panties, it is about my third and so far most shameful admission to date…

Our neighbour Maria asked if we would mind checking their house whilst they were away on holiday. You know the kind of thing, pop in at night and draw the curtains and open them again in the morning, pick the post up off the floor and put it into a neat pile, nothing difficult.

Like anyone with a panty fetish the thought of having access to a hot woman’s laundry basket is always an exciting one, especially when you have always longed to smell a certain person’s panties and yet you had never been given the opportunity too. The day finally arrived when Maria was going to be starting her holiday and that morning my mother was out so it was I that answered the door. After a few polite pleasantries Maria handed me the key and jumped into the waiting taxi and off she went to commence her holiday, so you all know what came next…

The taxi had hardly exited the street and I was letting myself into her home. I paused for a second wondering what if she returned, should I wait a little longer in case Maria had forgotten something. If I waited though I might miss the opportunity, I had no idea how much longer my mother might be and I certainly wouldn’t want her to catch me leaving our neighbours home. I hurried in and made my way to the bathroom and my heart sank, no laundry basket.

I walked across the landing and entered the main bedroom and to my delight there was a laundry hamper sitting in the far corner. As I opened the hamper to peer inside I felt like a kid at Christmas opening an unknown present, what type of panties would I find, what colour, what material and most importantly, how smelly would they be?


Sitting neatly on top of a very small pile of clothes were a black pair of high leg bikini style panties. As I reached in to take them my thumb touched the gusset, oh my god, they were still moist, Maria must have taken them off within the last hour! I started to open the panties up for inspection and my excitement level went off the scale as I discovered the crotch was filled with a fresh creamy coloured discharge, I knew immediately that these were a pair of ovulation panties and from experience, I knew they were going to smell great.

I wasn’t disappointed, as I held the gusset to my nostrils and breathed in her scent it was one of the most exciting and intoxicating pair of panties that I had ever sniffed. Sitting on the edge of her bed I unzipped my trousers to release my aching cock, as I slowly started stroking it I imagined Maria was laying in front of me with her legs open and an invite to eat her cunt. It was seconds later that I wanted a hole to open up and swallow me, alerted to a noise at the door I turned around and who should be standing there but my mother.

I just froze, it was no use trying to hide what I was doing, unsure what to say it was my mother who broke the silence with one short sentence and a beaming smile, she simply asked if I was enjoying myself. Her smile was one I hadn’t witnessed before, it was kind of sultry. I was too embarrassed to say anything, my cock in the meantime had went limp and as my mother stared at it the next words to leave her lips were ones I shall never forget, “would you like a hand” she asked.

I am not sure at the time if it was the embarrassment of being caught and my own way of seeking a way out of my predicament or if a hidden incestual side to me had decided now was a good time to rear its head but I simply replied with a nod of my head. Seating herself next to me on the bed my mum took Maria’s panties from me and held them to her own nose.

Looking back down at my limp cock my mum handed me the panties back, “Mmm she sure smells good, you better have these back while I sort this one out for you, go on, I want you to continue smelling Maria’s pussy scent whilst I help you finish”. As I took the panties back from my mother she wrapped her fingers around my cock, instantly it sprang back to life, was this really happening to me!!

My mum was wearing a loose fitting knee length skirt and I wasn’t sure if I should be returning the favour, placing my hand on her knee as a test she smiled and said “so you want more”, as I nodded my mum stood up in front of me and slipped off her skirt. I could see the outline of her vulva pressing against the fabric of her panties, was my mother smooth and clean shaven? Oh my god, I was staring at my mother’s cameltoe and I didn’t care if it was right or wrong, I wanted to fuck her so badly.


Taking my hand my mum pulled me to my feet, “now I just want you to stand here, you’re not allowed to touch me, I am your mother and it wouldn’t be right” she exclaimed. As I stood directly in front of her she took my aching cock in one hand and started stroking it and with her other hand she pulled her panties away from her body to expose her pussy. Yes indeed, my mother was so smooth down there and it looked simply amazing.

The excitement had my cock twitching in seconds, a warm glow was building in my sacks and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to last long. “It’s okay honey, let yourself go, I want you to come in mummies panties” those words were enough to tip me over the edge and with each pump of my mother’s hand I began to ejaculate, one, two, three, four, five blasts of cum, as I watched it was noticeable that my mother’s aim wasn’t that great, at least two spurts had hit her over her pussy mound.

Releasing my cock with a smile and allowing her panties to slip back into place my mother turned around and bent over to pick up her skirt, in doing so I could see my cum seeping through her panties and up her ass crack, then without saying another word she left the room.

9 thoughts on “Sniffing My Neighbours Panties

  1. Todd morton

    I love smelling my nieces dirty panties, she a22 year old sexy little bitch that I would love to stuff my face Wright between her legs and suck on her wet little pussy till she came all over my face .but I don’t have the balls to hit on her so I seek into her room were she keeps her dirty clothes and borrow apair of her dirty panties, and I’m always hoping I get one of her thongs then if she’s not home I take off all my clothes and get into her bed and grab her lotion and well you now what happens next, till I explode all over. It’s so gratifying .

    1. Roy bell

      My ex caught me stealing her dirty panties and PUNISHED ZME. NOT long after catching me she moved 250 miles away. It was then she rang to tell me she was going to get them so nasty id want to vomit but I MUST “chew up” and swallow all the contents then suck them clean. So over next four years she sent a pair every MNTH and made me pay a total of 4100 pounds. SHE WORE THEM 7 DAYS USING NO TOILET PAPER THEN HAVING A SHIT IN THEM. SHE MADE IT CLEAR THAT I’M SUCH A PATHETIC LITTLE WORM THAT I DESERVE ALL HER SHIT IN MY STOMACH AND DIGEST IT ALL SO HER SHIT GETS PUMPED THROUGH MY WHOLE BODY.

  2. Hartymaori

    I love sniffing and licking panties my wife has quite a few hot friends and I love it when they come and stay for I no there are going to be some sweet wet moist panties for me to Berry my face in.her best friend came and stayed a couple of days ago she sleeped in the Spear room and to my luck she left a pair of panties at the end of the bed in the jeans she had on the night before it was Christmas all over again for me lol.

    1. Jim

      My bros Maori mum Sandy wears sexy lingerie I get her dirty panties out of her washing basket and lick the crotch my white cock gets hard and starts to dribble.

    2. Roy bell

      The first pair I ever sniffed caught me totally by suprise as I was 28yrs old and never had a panty fetishism till that day. An ex of mine mandy came to my place and asked if she could get a bath telling me how she had been on a five day binge/sex fest. I became excited as everytime she bathed at mine I conveniently needed a piss when she was in the bath then master bate at the sight of her naked in the bath. But this day was different. She asked if I had a clean pair of boxers we went in the bedroom I gave her a pair telling her I’d leave her to it as I went back into the room. A few minutes later I heard bathroom door close as I went in the bedroom. There on the floor was her dirty black see through French knickers gusset looking up at me as if she had stepped out of them well she had I was instantly transfixed mesmerised confused and disgusted as I didn’t have a panty fetishism till then. Instantly I knew two things,first that within seconds I would be sucking them clean and the guilt would force me to confess,also that from then on I’d steal every pair of her diry panties I could. I could see how wet and thick and sticky her gusset was and nearly exploded as it crossed my mind it woymuld be full of spunk too. The materiel was similar to black net curtain material and I could see 8/9 blobs of creamy white stuff u knew was spunk. I laid naked on my bed cock throb bing and I sniffed and sucked every inch if them clean. Her gusset tasted of fishy fanny stale piss sweat fanny discharge and salty spunk the most amazing experience of my life after I sucked every inch of her gusset clean I then sucked all the blobs of spunk out if them. Suffice to say over nxt yr I stole every pair I could but as time went by u knew it was time I confessed even though I didn’t want to and was terrified at her reaction. So the day came one day at my place I asked her if she noticed her panties going missing she said she didn’t and asked why I asked such a question so I told her I was afraid she knew her panties were going missing and scared it was freaking her out as I had been stealing them. She laughed called me a pervert I told her I couldn’t stop and I deserved all I got and punishing and she had the right to punish me anyway she wished and I deserved all I got. Well 25yrs later I have stolen three ex’s dirty panties confessed to all three and all three have punished me over a 15YR period forcing me to do the most repugnant acts imaginable and between them they even made me do things I find so disgusting that nobody on earth could ever make me do even with a gun to my head. The names of my ex’s in order is Mandy,carol and arlene carol and arlene punished me and I don’t see anymore but before arlene and I split up she demanded I tell mandy everything mainly that every month she wears her panties at least 7 days using no toilet paper then having a shit in them. And over four years she sent 38pairs. Then to prove it she made me get all 37 pairs of panties I had already chewed her shit out of and sucked clean along with the pair I had just got that had shit stains all over with a massive fat log of shit in. If that wasn’t enough I had to send her a pic with a mouth full of shit. Mandy has said as she is the only one that hadn’t punished me yet she’d decided I am to have gay sex and send two pics to her and arlene one of me sucking cock the other with a cock up my ass. But more than that he has to be a gay male escort black with a big fat cock. All 3 of them know without a doubt I an 100PCENT heterosexual and find gay sex the most despicable act imaginable. There is so much more I want to tell but this is just an overall picture of my panty sniffing story and will be specific another time

  3. wipees girl

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