Sniffing Panties Through Nylons

Who prefers sniffing panties that are behind a nice pair of tights or nylons? If you are lucky enough to have sniffed a pair in this manner you might never go back to the more conventional way again. Granted it would need to be a pair of panties that were still being worn to get the full pleasure.


Take this pair, who doesn’t have an instant urge to bury their nostrils right into the crack of her gorgeous ass? I would love to keep her bent over this table while I fill my lungs with her warm musky scent before laying down on the floor face up and inviting her to squat down and grind me.

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2 thoughts on “Sniffing Panties Through Nylons

  1. Phil

    I love sniffing my wifes panties with her tights on especially after a night out all warm and damp I like to lay her down and open her legs then have a good sniff and lick then I drift off and think about other men sniffing her knickers and tights with her legs open major turn on

  2. Phil

    Always sniff my wifes panties through her tights open her legs and have a sniff and lick smell amazing always damp and warm after a night out


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