True Panty Sniffing Story

I love finding reader comments on posts, the following deserves a post of it’s own, I didn’t want it to be hidden in a comment for nobody to see. Thank you Jayne for sharing it with us. The comment was in relation to the Smelly Creamed Panties Article:

I think I am similar to you in so much as I sometimes think I am oversexed and I have a mind that constantly dreams of sex hourly and most likely in my dreams as well. My hubby is a great lover but just so typical in many ways. I find myself much more creative in coming up with new fun things to role play over.

Shortly after we were married I had come home from work early one Saturday. When I called him there was no answer but yet his car was in the driveway. When I went upstairs I did a double take when passing our bedroom. He was on the bed facing the other way so he did not know I was there.

He had his head phones on and was masturbating with two hands around his rock hard dick… In the 10 years we have been married since I don’t ever think I’ve seen his dick this hard. It was so erect that if he cum he would have shot himself in the face with it. As he was masturbating away he had no idea that I was behind him, not a clue. I can’t explain what a huge turn on this was for me, not just because I was watching him play with himself but because he had one pair of my worn panties wrapped around his dick and another pair draped over his head with the crotch lined up with his nose.


They looked like the pair I had been wearing yesterday, Wow, here he was sniffing my panties. Now you need to understand that these were the panties I wore after we had sex, they would have been full of my wet vaginal discharge mixed with his semen. Despite wanting to jump on his hard cock I stood frozen watching, not saying a word, I wanted to see him cum so I actually stood back a step hiding behind the door frame. I did wonder what he was listening to, I assumed it was some kind of audio porn.

Once in a while we to Literotica audio porn while in the car so I just assumed that is what it was this time. After a few minutes I noticed him pick another pair of panties up off the bed, I hadn’t noticed them earlier, they were a sheer satin in texture, pink in colour with a baby blue scallop around the waist band in bikini style, most importantly they were not mine!!!


As he arranged them ready to sniff I could see they were well and truly worn, I would say that they had been worn for more than just a day, they looked filthy, I could even see some light staining in the dirt box region. As he held them up to smell his cock immediately twitched, I thought he was going to shoot his load there and then. I think what turned me on the most was that he was sniffing someone else’s panties.

By now I was aware that my own panties were getting quite wet, I wanted to play with myself and cum at the same time as my husband but I knew I wouldn’t be able to catch him up in time, I continued to watch as he started licking and sucking her gusset before he shot his load into the panties that were wrapped around his cock.

I snuck back downstairs and acted as if nothing happened. I opened and slammed the door shouting hello as if just coming home from work. I am sharing this story with you because like you I’ve always wanted to experiment with another girl sexually but the thought seems easier than the reality. I’ve thought about my desire to sniff another girls panties but the opportunity has never presented itself to me. Reading your post made me think of myself, it brought back an exciting memory

Love Jayne
PS: I just stumbled across this site and don’t even know the name but just felt compelled to write a comment. Shit I guess this is actually a story and the chances are I will never know if you got or read this because I most likely will not get back to site. If you email me I’d be curious to see if your dream every did become a reality, I’m 32 currently.

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