Sniff My Panties

You are here on this site because you enjoy the aroma of a worn pair of women’s panties. There are hundreds of thousands of men just like you, it is not uncommon for men to be attracted to the natural scent of a female. You will without a doubt have sneaked a few pairs  of dirty panties out of your friends or even relatives laundry basket before and taken a sneaky smell of them before popping them back.


Many of you might have even purchased a pair of used panties in the past from an Internet seller. My question to you is what smells even better than a pair of worn panties that have just been removed from a gorgeous females body? The answer is a pair that are still being worn by that same female. The warmth of her body keeping that aroma fresh and the smell of her own vagina hidden behind the fabric that you are pressing your nose against, nothing can beat that experience.

The problem for most guys is that they either have a partner that feels it is disgusting and they do not understand why their man would want to do this, they simply do not understand  their fetish or they are single for one reason or another. Both of these problems can be overcome by the use of an adult contacts site. I won’t bore you with why they are so great for this type of fetish, just believe me when I say you will find a woman open to your suggestions who is willing to secretly and quietly meet you on a no strings basis by visiting

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The Perfect Pair Of Smelly Panties

What factors contribute to the perfect smell when it comes to sniffing a dirty pair of panties? Is it just about the aroma or is the visual aspect also important for you and what about the person wearing them, do they have to be hot and fit looking themselves for you to fully enjoy the smell? Personally I use the term dirty panties quite lightly because for me I do not see them as being dirty, just worn and containing the scent of a pussy.

If I were to visualize a dirty pair of panties I would have no interest in smelling them. Dirty panties to me would be blood stained or have heavy faeces staining or look like they have been worn a whole week, none of which do I find appealing. When it comes to style I don’t really have a preference although lace panties do not hold the scent well. When it comes to colour I do have a preference but not for the obvious reason of it being a colour or pattern that I find visually appealing.

If it is a pair of panties from someone I know or trust or I have smelt them a few times before then I am quite happy for a black pair, however when it is a stranger or someone I have never had the pleasure of sniffing before I like a white pair so that I can see how bad the staining is. As for the person wearing them I am not fussy, for me it is always about the perfect aroma, I avoid smokers and women who are obese or extremely overweight.

Putting two and two together from women’s panties that I have had the pleasure in smelling I can detail my preference: I prefer the smell from women who have less to zero pubic hair, I find women with more hair tend to be a little more sweaty smelling than I would like. The perfect wear time is around 24 hours and are produced when the female is ovulating. I do not want to smell a strong urine odour and I do not want any back staining, a slight musky ass scent is fine.

Above is a gallery of worn panties, some more heavily stained than others, I have no idea what any of them look like but if you were to walk into a women’s dressing room at the gym and these were lined up which pair would have you more excited about their prospect of having that perfect smell? For me it would have to be the purple pair #3 which look like they are freshly removed and the black pair #7 which look like ovulation panties. White pair number #11 would also have me intrigued as they are not too heavily stained but have obviously been sitting tight in a pussy crack so I would guess not much hair.

I nearly picked black pair number #2 but I feared that they might be too heavily stained and I would worry that it might be semen from unprotected sex, I know some guys are into creampie panties but I am not one of them. This is where who they are from would come into play. If I knew the person and they were single and I knew that they had not participated in sexual intercourse then yes they would be straight to my nose otherwise a more cautious approach.

Women Who Like Smelling Panties

A long time ago I read that you should smell your own panties regularly as it can help you detect if something is wrong down below, although it might sound strange to some the evidence for doing this is medically backed up. I remember having the weirdest feeling the first time I did this, I say feeling, it was actually sexual arousal. How could I be getting turned on smelling my own pair of dirty panties?

I did a little research and discovered I am not alone when it comes to enjoying my own scent or even that of another woman,  there are lots of women out their who enjoy the smell of a healthy vagina. I am not a scientist so I won’t go into the explanations of why lots of women enjoy the smell of their even another females genitals, they just do so if you are one of those ladies just accept it and enjoy!

I did experiment once when around a friends house. I went through her laundry basket so that I could find a dirty pair of her panties, there were a couple of pairs to choose from so I tried both, holding them in turn to my nose and taking a deep breathe, they were both very scented from her groin and yes I did find it very arousing. Not in a way that I wanted to become a lesbian or have sex with my friend, more that I would love to have had sex with a guy while sniffing my friends panties – does that sound weird?


I have been single now for quite some time (no not because I like to sniff female panties) but I do have two outlets for the release of my sexual tension. The first and the most pleasurable is through where I have met a guy who also loves the smell of my panties, he likes to give me oral pleasure while I smell my own lingerie (or his wife’s) and then we swap, I suck him off while he inhales more of what I have to offer.

Yes I did say his wife’s panties, he is married and his wife doesn’t understand his fetish for used panties, either doesn’t understand or he is too worried to ask her. A few times he has sneaked a pair of her worn panties over with him and we take it in turns to enjoy the aroma of them. I am single and we both knew the score before we got into this, naughty fun on a no strings basis, if his wife won’t give him what he wants then it isn’t my fault he strays.

My second outlet is my vibrator or my own hand, when I relax in the evening there is nothing I enjoy more than laying back on the bed and inhaling my own scent while I touch myself. Once my secret lover forgot to take his wife’s panties back home with him and I do admit to using them solo when he was gone.I did hand them back next time I met with him but not until I had wore them for a few hours first, that was the naught of naughty side of me escaping out.

Sniffing Dirty Panties


What do you prefer when inhaling the intoxicating scent of a woman through her panties, the sweet smell of the vagina or the musky scent of her sweaty ass? This dominant brunette allowed her man to sample both as she first squatted that large round panty covered ass into his face before turning around and giving him a smell of her pussy through her panties.


Her man had to remain fully clothed through the whole episode, this was a punishment for him after she arrived home and caught him masturbating over her favourite pair of panties. I doubt very much that he felt it was a punishment, I would imagine more a dream come true. These yellow polka dot panties were ones that she had been wearing all day to work so you can imagine how delightful they would have smelt.

The only downside for the guy under this smothering act was that he was unable to relieve himself while the facesitting took place. It was all one way traffic in that department as she started to grind her grind into his face saturating those panties with her own love juice. Imagine that as a punishment, breathing in and smelling her sexual release as it happened, please punish me now!!

Sniffing My Aunties Panties

Let me introduce myself, I am 19 I have had sexual partners and I have a serious fetish for smelling used panties. There simply is no greater thrill than when you first place the soft cotton gusset of a warm pair of panties against your nose. The silky soft feeling from the cotton resting against your lips as you breathe in the aroma of a females scent, it gets me off every time. I live at home with my mum who is divorced and no matter where I go or who we go to visit my eyes stay peeled for where the laundry basket is.

If you are into sniffing panties then you will know that there is one type of aroma that really floats your boat. You might find it now and again from sniffing different women’s panties and it is an aroma that can send your cock into an amazing erection in just a couple of seconds. Nearly all worn panties smell great but some women give off a certain scent that you long to find over and over again, luckily for me my mom’s younger sister (38) has the exact scent I long for and lucky for me we get to visit her at least once a week.

Panties And Stockings

Now I want to share my story with you, it started a couple of weeks back when I was told that my aunty was seeking a divorce and that she would be staying at our house for a while, just me, my mum and my aunty, I was going to be in panty heaven. When my aunty arrived she was much calmer than I expected, I guess I thought she might be a blubbering mess but in fact she was quite the opposite, I guess it was her who was seeking the divorce and her who had fell out of love.

My mom works shifts and on this particular evening she was out all evening, I had just finished my dinner and I decided to watch some TV so I plonked myself down on the sofa. My aunty entered the room and sat down next to me wrapping one arm around my shoulder and asking if she could have a hug from her favourite nephew, the fact that I was her only nephew mattered not.

I kind of leant against her with my hands in my lap as I was unsure where to place them. Looking down I couldn’t help notice that her skirt had ridden quite high to her mid thigh level and of course, my mind started wandering into all kinds of dirty thoughts, maybe it was a good job that my hands were in my lap as I would hate for her to see my growing bulge. Then the moment came that I shall remember for the rest of my life.

As I released a nervous yawn my aunty asked me if I was tired, she asked if I would like to lay my head down for a rest, “here you go” she said patting her lap. I did not need a second invite, swinging my legs round on to the sofa I positioned the side of my face down into her lap facing the TV. Immediately I could smell a musky scent emanating from under her skirt, it felt like I was in heaven, but now what, was this just an aunty showing affection or was it an invite to go a step further?


In a “getting myself comfy” type of way I placed a hand on her knee, in doing so I noticed that her leg twitched about an inch further apart. I left it for a few seconds increasing my breathing in an attempt to pretend I had dosed off, the plan was to fidget around in a state of sleep and see how much further up her legs I could take my hand. I broke it down into three different attempts before finally going for the BIG one… placing my hand high into her groin as if to cushion my face. It worked; the tips of my fingers were just high enough to feel the elastic of her panties.

All along my aunty knew I was awake, she knew I was faking my state of sleep but at least if she rejected my moves we would both have an excuse without the risk of embarrassment. Slowly and gently she eased her skirt up, tugging it out from under my face until my skin was resting against her cotton panties, the only problem; I was facing the wrong way. I decided to go for it and I turned around to face her groin.


As I did her legs parted leaving my nose and mouth pressing against her swollen vulva, the pretence was over, we both knew what was going to happen next. I pressed my face deeper into her groin, my nose filled with that intoxicating scent that I had smelt so many times before only this time I was taken it from a warm pair of panties that were pressing tight against my aunties pussy.


My Dirty Stained Panties

As soon as I had become sexually active I knew that us women had been gifted a secret weapon when it came to getting our own way with the men. I probably knew before that if I am honest reflecting back to how I had caught my brother sniffing a pair of my dirty panties when we were younger. He feared at the time that I would grass on him but I had other ideas. I managed to get him to do all kinds of errands and chores for me and all I needed to do was slip him my warm panties at the end of the day.

Now before I go any further there are two types of smelly panties, ones that smell rank because the female owner is unhygienic and ones from a clean pussy that smell because they have been worn all day. I am a clean person and very hygienic but it doesn’t stop my panties from having that warm womanly whiff at the end of a long day. I know that if I stand close enough to a guy he can smell that feint scent that I am emitting from my groin.


If you are a healthy female with a few erotic thoughts during the course of a day you cannot help creaming your panties a little, this is what mine look like shortly after lunchtime. I often wonder how some women get away without wearing any panties, if I did this I would be dribbling down my leg before the day was finished.

Now then, tell me what you wouldn’t do for me if I offered you a sniff of these panties? Imagine I needed a dripping tap fixed, a plug socket sorting or my car needed a quick fix at your garage, would you give me a discount if I pulled my panties down around my anlkes in front of you and offered you the chance to have a smell of them?

Facesitting Secretary

secretary Facesitting

This secretary knew how to get a pay increase out of her boss. If her long blonde hair and pretty face were not enough to grab his attention he sure had it when she knocked on his hotel door. Dressed in a short skirt and stockings with a blouse that was open just enough to reveal her bra and ample cleavage she invited herself in.

His eyes immediately started to scan her body in a lustful gaze. He was only dressed in a bathrobe having not long showered and his hard cock had nowhere to hide from the excitement that was building. Placing her arms over his shoulders his robe soon dropped to the floor and he found himself his back laying on the bed in no time. He was expecting his secretary to start undressing but what actually happened next caught him by surprise.

Hoisting up her short skirt she straddled over his face while still fully clothed. Slowly she lowered herself down until her panties greeted his face. While in position she told him that he should smell how horny he makes her, grasping his balls in one hand she asked him what the chances were of him looking over her current pay deal.

As he opened his mouth to speak she pressed her groin down firmly into his mouth baffling his words. Will her intoxicating pussy have the desired outcome or will she need to step it up a level. If I were her boss and she held my balls in her hand like that I would give her a pay rise and I would lick her panties until they dripped.

Panty Ass Worship

I love a guy who knows how to worship my ass. Even better if he is willing to worship my musky womanly scent through my tights and panties. The feel of his warm breath as it penetrates the nylon and cotton fabric that separates my womanhood from his mouth feels just awesome. The feel of being in total control as I lower myself down to sit on his face sends a tingle down my spine.


The thought of him breathing in my musky scent and the feel of his mouth and chin pressing into my mound gets me ever so wet. The layers of lingerie between his flesh and my pussy cushions the feeling just enough to keep me on the edge that little bit longer but time is on my side, I do not hear any complaints from my man.

If he worships my ass well then I might slip my nylons off and allow him to get just a little closer to my prize, I might even lean forward a little and give his cock a gentle tug, not enough for him to cum in case he lost interest in his task. If he wants to eat my pussy juice I tell him he will have to suck it out through my panties. 

If I am feeling extra controlling I will wear a thong panty, I know my ass looks good and I know it is worth the worship it desires. With the thin fabric sitting between my cheek pillows do you think you have got what it takes to worship my panty covered ass?

Nose And Mouthful Of Panties

smelly panties facesitting

Look at the intense look on this guys face as his eyes stare up at his lover or is it his mistress? His head is pinned tightly between her thighs and his nose buried deep into the cotton gusset of the panties that she is still wearing. Each time he breathes in to fill his lungs with air his nose will take in the full intoxicating smell of her panties.

He will need to take in some pretty deep and powerful breathes because it looks like her full bodyweight is sitting down on his chest. I wonder how good she smells and I wonder if those panties have been worn for the majority of the day, if so are they moist with her juices, personally I would hope so. Check out the link below for some hardcore panty facesitting.

Amateur Smoothering – Uncensored XXX Porn

Facesitting Panties

One day I decided to teach my guy a lesson for constantly pestering and whining at me to eat my pussy.  Okay some women would love to hear a guy asking if he could lick them out but not every 15 minutes. I started off by teasing him, asking if he would like to lick me, if he would then he had better lie down on the rug and that he should keep his eyes closed while I undressed.

What I hadn’t told him was that my best friend (who I had experimented sexually with in the past) was waiting in the kitchen. I had discussed with her the situation and we had come up with a cunning plan that we hoped would ultimately lead to us being able to enjoy each others company a little more with the acceptance of my husband.

We had both been wearing our sexiest of lingerie sets for the best part of a whole day, the thought of what we had planned for my husband had also left me in a state of heightened arousal so to say my panties were damp was an understatement, they were pretty wet and sticky. So back to my husband, lets just say I did not have to ask him twice, in seconds he was laying on his back naked waiting for me.


I positioned myself above him, I told him to open his eyes allowing him to stare at my crotch for a few seconds before lowering myself down on his chest, my panties just under his chin and my knees pinning down his arms. Now for the plan, my friend knocked on the door before pretending to walk straight in and catching us in this position. The look of panic on my husbands face was a picture, it was even better than that when I looked up and said hello, feel free to join us and she did.

I wanted him to inhale the full scent of both my dirty pussy musk and that of my friends, I wanted him to get so much aroma that he wouldn’t know what to do. I also wanted him to feel helpless as we both kept him pinned to the floor and while we explored one anothers bodies just a little, he wouldn’t be suspicious, he would assume we were doing it just for show, just as a treat for him.

I moved up further covering his mouth and nostrils with my pink panties while my friend sat her ample round ass on his forehead, wrapping my arms around my friend I then I started to stroke her between the legs, wow she was wet. Withdrawing my hand away I smelt my fingers before popping them in my mouth for a taste, if she smelt good she tasted even better and I knew I needed to taste some more. I put my arms back around her sides and this time I slipped a hand down inside her panties. Immediately I became aware at how swollen her love bean was as I plunged two fingers as deep as I could into her pussy.